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Experience Optimized Lending Solutions

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Giving Salespeople the Power to Make the Sale

Mobile App Sales Solutions

Every night across the country, sales people are tasked with doing the impossible. Converting a prospect who doesn’t want it, doesn’t need it, and can’t afford it; into a paying customer. At Optimized Lending Solutions, we wanted to make it easier for sales people to show customers how they can afford their project. Our team has dedicated an immense amount of time and effort into developing a simple and user-friendly platform that instantly scrubs approximately 75 of the best lending options and narrows the field down to two or three key plans custom selected for the customer's unique needs and credit worthiness.

Leasing a Home

Higher Closing %

6% Increase

For the first time ever, sales reps have a game changing closing tool at their fingertips; a tool that provides the most ideal loan options customized to the customer's specific needs... along with the highest likelihood for approval. Closing the deal has never been so streamlined and efficient.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Larger Average Sale

12% Larger Sales

Why use a generic 2.00% factor to calculate a payment when the customer qualifies for a 1.25% factor? Optimized Lending Solutions provides the optimal payment factor allowing the possibility for the customer to buy more. (2% factor = $200 payment for $10,000, whereas a 1.5% factor allows for $13,333 for the same $200).


Better Retention

43% Reduction in T/Ds

The days of farming credit applications out several lenders are long gone. Optimized Lending Solutions takes the guess work out of what lender and terms to offer at point of sale. The loan is closed accurately the first time with no need for follow up visits with modified terms, which are rarely accepted by the customer.

Successful Work Team

Huge Increase in NSLI

25.3% More Net Revenue

The accumulative impact of the increased performance efficiencies (closing, deal size, and retention) mathematically correlate to a 25% increase in overall net annual revenue.

Optimized Lending Solutions
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How can I get signed up?

I know you're excited but you have to first become a member of NAPAC. Optimized Lending Solutions is exclusively available to NAPAC members. To learn more about the benefits of NAPAC membership, please visit

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What lenders are available?

All of our lenders are currently NAPAC accredited and provide exclusive financing programs for the Optimized Lending Solutions app. All the major lending institutions are available and sorted based upon your criteria.

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How often do the lending options change?

The lending products get refreshed each time you log in. That way, the best financing options are available quickly and you didn't just put your sale at risk by selling a discontinued lending option.

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